Bits Boxes for Freeeee!

At Surly, we had an area where scraps would hang around for the hungry and the stressed to nom on. The scraps were usually edges of brownies, tops of cakes, etc. It was called "Broken Glass Bay." If I ever have a cabin, that's what I'm going to name it.........


With the return of Lutheran funeral bars, comes the return of scraps!

My family is well fed on my tests and mishaps, and should not indulge on additional scraps. 2020 really stretched the capacity of "how many sizes can I change in a year?"

Our loss (or lack thereof) is your gain! I'm offering up Bits Boxes!

These are small boxes (1-2 ppl) of a random assortment of scraps and/or bars and/or cakes! (PSA: these aren't the pretty ones, these are the ones we deem not pretty enough for an order...that's why they're free ;) )

I'm aiming to have them out every weekend (Saturday/Sunday), starting this Saturday, TODAY!

When they're gone, they're gone. I'll post something on our social pages when we're out.

Now for the kicker, which the title may have given away...they're FREEEEEE. There will be a pay box if you would like to leave a tip or a contribution to the Jojo & Co Wants a Real Damn Bakery Fund. If you don't want to or have the ability to contribute, totally okay! It's all no touch pick up anyway, I won't know who you are unless you are picking up an order.

The Surly family always loved to see Broken Glass Bay full of brownie ends and slightly wrong-sized bars available for them to snack on. I hope you can find joy in our surprise Bits Boxes and share a little sugary sunshine with a friend.

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