False Summer

Welcome, Minnesotan's, to the first false summer of the year! Where mother nature swears off the snow, but has not all forsaken the wind and rain. It appears pleasant and 80 degree's now, but just wait for her to get bored! Before you know it, the temperature will drop like a rock and a hideous storm will rain for days! (op! we're already there!) After almost 15 years of living in this state, I still have a hard time with these sharp turns the weather likes to take.

One of the first things I crave in false summer is lemon. Lemon cake, lemon tea, Arnie Palmers, lemon cookies, lemon water, lemon salmon.... I buy lemon's by the pound! I lament the lack of lemon tree's and my ability to grown them. I love them.

I started this crazy notion of a lemon mousse petit four in my fever to make a lemonyist lemon cookie that has ever lemoned! Enter lemon curd!

I have had this recipe for so long, I honestly cannot remember where it started. Possibly at La Belle Vie, my very first pastry job. Who knows! One of my favorite parts of this recipe is the butter. The percentage of butter to lemon is almost equal, making the taste smooth, tangy, and RICH! And just incase you were not feeling full up, I folded the lemon curd with (just a little) whipped cream. Seriously, just enough cream to lighten the flavor ever so slightly, but still make your mouth pucker a bit.

The mad scientist in me didn't stop there. Lemon shortbread with candied lemon zest is layered with the curd and enrobed with caramelized white chocolate. To boot, it is topped it with candied violets. Yeah. I went off the deep end...

I designed many petit fours and small plates in my day and I never thought I would miss it this much! The creativity of piecing together complimentary flavors in new ways and testing out new techniques SO much fun!

Seriously guys, if you are interested in throwing a high end shindig with dessert bites, please hit me up! I would love to come up with some new flavors and small bites just for your very own! In the mean time, I will keep playing and letting you know what I find...I see a chocolate beignets in our future...

Thank you all for your continued support, love, and orders! We put joy and care into every morsel we make for you and I hope you can taste it!!


Jojo & Els

P.S. We've added a new feature to our website, which is a recipe tab. It's just in the beginnings, so please be patient with us! You can find the lemon curd recipe here with many more recipes on the way in the coming weeks, I promise!

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