Fresh Easter TrEats!

You guys! Easter is almost here!

This has been yet another incredibly fast, yet painfully slow year. The rollercoaster that is our world doesn't seem to be letting up quite yet.

The start of spring brings with it, the rejuvenation of life and airing out of what's been stuck in the cobwebs of our brains over the winter months. That's what I love most about celebrating Easter. It's the first spot of color in a world that has been so white and dark for months on end. It's sudden brightness excites and rejuvenates me every year and I'm grateful for it!

Easter is a holiday full of big tradition in my family. One of the happiest food memories of my childhood is the Greek Easter Bread. This is a rich, eggy, and tender bread that I folded with pockets of marzipan for a bright almond flavor. The bread is decorated with dyed eggs and fresh flowers to make the most beautiful center piece of the Easter table. I'm hoping to continue the tradition with my family in the years to come. You can tell my daughter is super upset by this...

We've also found a way to make Cadbury candy eggs, somehow, more addictive with our Fudgy Brownie Easter Cookies. These things are sweet and salty and gooey and crisp and and AND! This is a cookie that will be hard to put down. PSA.

Seriously. Easter is so much fun and a fantastic excuse to go a little nuts celebrating the life around and in you. Bring colors to a world that has seems so drab! Bring light! Bring color! Bring sugar!

We've got lots more offerings on our website. We'll take orders until Friday morning! Hope to hear from you soon!


Jojo & Els.

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