Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I was beside myself when the Star Tribune posted a picture of my chocolate chip cookies last year, declaring them the best thing Sharyn Jackson had eaten that week. I didn't see it coming and I was incredibly excited and humbled for the shout out. It single handedly shoved Jojo & Co out into the spotlight for the first time. It was a rollercoaster ride of creating a system of dough making and dough baking in my little south Minneapolis kitchen that lasted about a week of almost continuous production. It was wonderful!

Things have since calmed down, though we do seem to have developed a steady following for our cookies. It's always nice to see the familiar names calling for cookies every couple weeks, like clockwork.

A few of my regular customers have asked me, more than a few times, if I could make my renowned chocolate chip cookies gluten free. I hesitated because firstly, I don't always feel comfortable navigating special dietary needs, because the idea that my cookie could make someone sick fills me with anxiety. It is the exact opposite cookies should do for you. They should make you feel good, feel happy, feel that flush of childhood wonder with the level of chocolate currently in your mouth!!!

Secondly, I don't want to bend my recipe development into something it's not. The cookie is designed to have gluten. That's how the ingredients work together in that recipe. So the development of a gluten free chocolate chip cookie isn't just swapping flours. It's a whole new development of a recipe of ingredients that harmonize in just the right way to make the cookie a success.

As the title of the article may imply, I have finally gathered my courage and skills and developed a gluten free chocolate chip cookie that I feel confident reflects my skill and talents! Make no mistake, it is not an exact copy of our famed chocolate chip cookie, but I did develop a similar recipe that fits the bill in taste and texture to the point that I had to force myself to "Put The Cookie Down!"

These cookies are REALLY GOOD! They have the same crisp, yet chewy texture my regular cookie does, thanks to the use of coconut flour, along with the mountain of chocolate that makes the cookie to die for. The mouth feel isn't gritty, just soft, and the signature milk chocolate with flaked sea salt tops these puppies to create the most delectable chocolaty happy bomb in your mouth!

We've got them on the website now. I hope you all will think of someone you know who would like to enjoy these cookies. You can even push your own food barriers and try'em for yourself! The days of all gluten free items tasting like cardboard are gone! There is texture! There is flavor! There is love!

Happy indulging!

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