Holiday! Celebrate!

We can't not dive into the winter holidays this year. It is, in my opinion, paramount for us to find every little joy we can to survive the reality we are faced with. We will celebrate joy and peace (where we can find it).

Enter: early Christmas trees and things to hang on them!

I've been putting treats in the tree for my kiddos for about 3 years now and it's one of their favorite parts of Christmas morning. Certain ornaments are filled with candy and their are a variety of cookies hanging on the tree or in their stockings.

It's a wonderful way to go the extra mile on magical! It's also a prime way to slow the kids down on waking us up so they can open their presents at 5:25am. I'll take every road block or speed bump I can get!

One traditions we've also started in the last few years is chocolate oranges for my husband and daughter. My son and I don't much care for the flavor, so I've started making alternate chocolates that we can enjoy!

These treats are similar to a French confection called mendiants, which are typically made and sold at Christmas. It is a disc of chocolate with everything from a variety of dried fruit and nuts to gingerbread cookies and peppermint candies studded on top of it.

This year, I'm branching out a little and making a few varieties that we'll be selling in the store! I can't break away from the traditional mendiant which is milk or dark chocolate with dried cranberries, pistachios, and sea salt. So those will be available in a larger size, about 2" diameter and 3/4" thick.

The other one we're selling this year is more for the child inside all of us(...or outside of us). It's a disc of chocolate (milk or dark) with candied ginger, gingerbread cookies, and shortbread cookies. These things are just amazing, rich, chocolatey, and completely encompass the feeling of joy in edible form.

These guys are up on our store now or order or preorder you treats! If Thanksgiving was any indication, we'll be filling up orders early!

I wish all of you the best of the holiday season! We can survive to happier days and brighter futures! Stay safe, stay healthy, stay beautiful!

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