Jojo & Co on TV!

Well, that was something I never thought I would do in my life!

A few weeks ago Els and I took to the screen in our online patisserie kitchen ownership debut on WCCO! If you missed it, you can see it here. As we sat at the table, waiting for our 3 minutes of fame, I got increasingly nervous. I told Els, "Don't let me throw up." Which was quickly followed by ideas of other horrible things that could happen in 3 minutes.. Thus began the list of things not to do on live TV. After talking me down, it fell to two main themes..."don't throw up" and "don't curse."

Luckily Jason and Heather are smooth talkers, and glided us across the stage like a swan rolls over water.

We are endlessly appreciative for the support we've gotten for our little start up and we hope to keep the good treats rolling for many years to come.

Many of you have enjoyed our Valentine's day cake special for the month of February. I'm happy to say that we want to continue having a "special" cake item every month. This is for us to freshen up and try out new ideas we have and for you to maybe try something different as well. We still have our standard cake options, but we want to be able to flex our creative muscles with these cakes and really see what you like and what we like.

For the month of March, the new cake will be a hazelnut cake. Let me stop you right there. It isn't a Nutella cake. It isn't the sticky, sweet, delicious, gooey, chocolatey mess we slop on whole wheat toast and pretend it's healthy. Mmmm. No. This is lovely toasted hazelnuts, ground, and mixed into a light chiffon cake. A sweet, swiss meringue butter cream is the frosting and it creates the lightest, fluffiest, most delicious cake I've ever tasted!

I can't wait to show you guys this cake in March and hear your feedback about it! There are more changes coming up on the menu, so sit tight and keep an eye out for new items coming your way!

Love Jojo.

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