The Birthday Cake

The Birthday cake (or pie, in my husbands case) has always been essential to a birthday celebration in my family. Someone always asks "who's bringing the cake?!" In recently years, it has been all eye's on me to produce the cake. I makes sense. I've been a pastry chef for the last 12 years. Since I was as tall as the stove, I've been at it trying to make various treats, probably causing more mess than product

I love birthday cakes. They are the focal point of the celebration. I actually hate the song "happy birthday" but the symbolism of the spark of the life is very monumental to me, and comes in the form of cake! Having seen 3 births (in memory), it's no small thing to be born. It is something worth celebrating.

I have been making my children's birthday cakes every year since they were born. I also have done my niece and nephews every year, except for one stint in Michigan. It has always been my way of saying, " I celebrate you! I love you! I'm SO happy you're here!"

I recognize that this is something that not everyone has the time to accomplish with as much love and skill. *Enter Jojo & Co.*

Birthday cakes aren't easy. I've spent decades on them and I still feel like sometimes I fall short. Non-the-less, I love them and I am so happy to be able to make celebration cakes for your or your families special day.

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