Triple Chocolate Cookie!

Oh the joy's of chocolate chip cookies! It is often the gateway recipe into a world of sweets, treats, and miracles that feel like magic you make yourself. My first cookie was actually my great grandmothers "fork cookies" which were somewhere between a snickerdoodle and a shortbread. Chewy, sweet, and soft. They were amazing right out of the oven and I would burn my mouth and fingers without hesitation every time I made them because I just couldn't be patient and wait. Even for 10 minutes.

I wanted to bring that kind of complete lack of control to my chocolate chip cookies. These are messy. They are rich. They are unapologetic! Which is always how I think cookies should be. If you're going to have a cookie, have a COOKIE!

Things that bring out the best in a chocolate chip cookie is the Chocolate. Using good chocolate is a must to create the level of delectable naughtiness you want to achieve. I actually use 3 kinds of chocolate in my cookies. A Callebaut 60% dark chocolate chip, Valhrona 56% Dark chocolate chunk, and Valrohna 46% Milk callet. The combination of these chocolates are the soul of the cookie. The chocolate flavors of fruity, bitter, salty, milky, sweet, etc. They are everything to the lack of control you feel when you eat these cookies. Never skimp on your chocolate!

The last bit that you cannot forget is the salt. I had a chef who threatened to take the salt away from me entirely because he didn't understand the importance of salt in pastry. Salt is essential in sweets just as much as savory. Additionally, these cookies are specifically suppose to be salty! It's the only way to balance the intense sweetness from the dough and the chocolate. You've got to cut the sweetness in desserts to balance them. In this case, we cut the sweetness with salt and the result is amazing and addictive!

If you can find the proper balance of sweet/ salty, creamy/sharp you will absolutely succeed at making a treat that hits every button and gives you the unapologetic lack of control that is just shear joy!

You can go to my "online ordering" tab to get a dozen of these babies for your very own!

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