Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays a lot of restaurants bank on to bring in revenue during the lull of dark winter. When the sugar cookie dust has settled and the gingerbread sprinkles have been packed away, we plan for the next big chance to wow you. Valentine's Day!

Whatever your personal opinion of Valentine's Day, you can't deny the treats are lovely! Conversation candies, chocolate bonbons, EVERYTHING IN THE SHAPE OF A HEART!

I have certainly had my qualms with the sticky sweet commercialism Valentine's day can bring some times. However, the past 12 months have brought a new meaning to "let someone know you love them." I can't hug my friends or half my family! The physical connections humans strive on are on the shortest leash many of us have ever experienced!

This is the time to show people you love them. Send the a card! Write them a letter! Buy them some lovely cookies and bonbons from a local cottage bakery trying to make it in a ridiculously uncertain time! Spread the frosting! Spread the chocolate! Spread the love!!

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