Joanna Biessener

Pastry Chef 

While not technically a Minnesota native, Jojo owes her culinary education and experience to the Twin Cities food scene. Some of her best teachers were the kitchens of La Belle Vie, Masa, Solera, Surly Brewing, and Tilia.

The nieces and nephews have also given her culinary skills a run for their money, making over the top and creative imaginations come to life!  


Elsbeth Young-Haug

Pastry Chef 

Els has quietly worked in Twin Cities kitchens for the last 14 years. Though initially drawn toward the savory side of sustenance, her path fortunately deviated toward the sweeter side.
Self taught, unconventional, and still learning, she's since doled out desserts for places like Pazzaluna, Surly, and Butcher and the Boar.